on Apr 30, 17

Is using a dating website or app a good idea?

Seems like online dating is something everybody does this days – from your best friend to your grandma. The idea, however, may be understandably intimidating, and you may be standing aside of the online dating scene wondering if using a dating website or app is a good idea.

Fear not – we’re here to help! Today, we’ll have a closer look at some common online dating myths, hopefully giving you enough courage to give it a go. After all, what do you have to lose?

Is online dating safe? Well, if you exercise common sense and approach online dating just like meeting a stranger at the café or pre-arranged blind dates, you’ll be just fine. Just a couple of things to remember: firstly, never agree to meet in person before you feel comfortable. Also, always arrange at least 2-3 first dates in public places when it’s not yet dark outside. A popular café is truly gold standard here!

Does everybody lie online? It does happen – for instance, people may remain silent about their marriage or “add” a couple of inches here and there…but wait a second, doesn’t it happen in real life all the time as well? Besides, if you date safely, all you get from a “bad date” is a hilarious story to share with your girlfriends.

Is online dating only for hook-ups? No, it’s definitely not! Even notoriously get-laid oriented services such as Tinder have many successful marriage stories behind. Reputable paid dating platforms are even better – so you definitely can find a spouse online.

Only you can determine if online dating really works for you. However, remember – you never really know something for sure until you give it a shot! So leave the doubts behind, relax and enjoy the adventure.


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